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Our Methodology
We Listen
arrow Since every project is unique and every solution personalized, the GLO process begins with focused listening and thoughtful questions to understand an organization’s specific needs and opportunities.
arrow Input from a variety of stakeholders – staff, volunteers, constituents – is solicited.
arrow Attentive review of the organization’s past and current annual, development and strategic plans broaden knowledge and understanding of where the organization has been and where it dreams of going.
We Plan
arrow From this collaborative dialogue the scope of the project is determined; a proposal is submitted and accepted, at which time a plan of action is created.
arrow The plan is designed based on an organization’s feedback and is monitored throughout the project through conversations and meetings.
We Engage
arrow This mutually agreed upon plan guides and engages our efforts in partnership with the organization to help advance its goals, achieve its mission and fulfill its community promise.
arrow A summary of the project provides the organization with suggestions on moving forward with the results and sustaining the efforts at the conclusion of the partnership.
arrow With the organization, the GLO process concludes with an evaluation of the process, the project and the results.
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